The Story of How
YAZ Media Got Started

A $1 and A Dream
YAZ's journey began with just a click on an ad and a dollar investment. It was small start, but it turned into something big. That's how it all started – two people, a dollar, and a dream to learn and grow.
Expanding our Services
We took our first steps towards expanding our services. We began offering website development, photography, and videography, and advertising. While it was a modest start, it marked the beginning of our journey to diversify and provide comprehensive solutions.
Growing Strategically
Diversification Extended our offerings to include SEO, branding, animated explainer videos, and email marketing. Entered the Events, E-commerce, and Hospitality sectors.
Establishing in Dubai
We took a bold step by opening our first official office in Dubai. Despite being a small team of just four members, we were determined to make our mark. We faced challenges, but it was these very challenges that pushed us to innovate and grow. As we gained the trust of our first partners in this dynamic city, we were laying the foundation for what would become an incredible journey.
Overcoming Challenges and Gaining Recognition
Resilience and Recognition despite the challenges of the pandemic, we successfully executed over 200 projects and relocated to a new office. Launched our podcast "Digital Sips" and won the 'Work Placement Champion' Award.
Celebrating 5 Years
Marked our 5-year anniversary, by this time, we had assisted over 100 businesses globally and completed more than 400 projects, this year marked the integration of new technologies into our campaigns and the expansion of our team to 14 members.
Strategic Partnerships Formed
Official partnerships with Meta Business Partner & Google, we moved to a larger space a new office in Barsha Heights, Dubai.
Finalist Digital Agency of the Year in the Middle East
We became finalists for "Digital Agency of the Year" by Campaign Middle East.
Finalist Creative and Social Agency of the Year in the middle east
At this year we were nominated as the finalists for creative agency of the year and social media agency of the year in the middle east.

The award focuses primarily on business results, rewarding the best agencies by region and specialism in advertising, marketing and media.

We are now operating into four main departments: YAZ Production, YAZ Web, YAZ Marketing, and YAZ PR, we crossed the milestone of serving 150 clients and completed a remarkable 924 projects.

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